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Who We Are
KV Federal Credit Union is a full service financial institution with over 8,300 members. Headquartered in the Capitol City of Augusta, Maine, KV offices are located in Augusta and Oakland, Maine. KV Federal Credit Union is "Better Rates, Even Better People".

Our History
On November 11, 1962, a cornerstone was laid to initiate the charter certificate for the St. Augustine Federal Credit Union. It was the efforts of nine dedicated men who had a dream to assist friends and neighbors, that created our financial institution.

The credit union's first home was in the parish hall of St. Augustine Church, and served registered members of the parish. In 1966 the credit union and its two employees moved to 94 Northern Avenue.

In 1973 the credit union faced another move due to the expanding size of the staff and membership. This move led to the credit union to its current office location at 316 West River Road. Two years later the credit union was able to provide the membership with new services such as share draft, certificate and money market accounts. This all became possible with the installation of a new computer system, gone were the days of keeping records by hand.

As the years progressed so did the credit union. A drive-up window was installed for member convenience, and a satellite office was opened at Frank Pomerleau Inc. The satellite office was to benefit Pomerleau' employees on their payroll days. The credit union' membership also grew, as 27 area businesses became part of the credit union family.

In July of 1992, the credit union acquired its first branch office. Messalonskee Regional Federal Credit Union became a part of St. Augustine F.C.U. This new branch, located in Oakland, provided the convenience of another location and expanded our field of membership to include those working or living in several area communities.

To reflect our entire credit union family of over 5,000 members, St. Augustine F.C.U. changed its name to KV Federal Credit Union.

On March 23, 1993, KV F.C.U. acquired Kennebec Health Systems Federal Credit Union to create its second branch office. Our membership once again grew, this time to over 7,300 with a potential of 18,500 members.

In the spring of 1996 new construction began at the Main Office for what is now our current main office building. Our office was fully functional during the entire construction process. In December of 1996 the building was complete and KV projected to the community the professionalism we all felt inside.

In February of 2000, after years of negotiation the NCUA approved KV for a County Charter. Now anyone who is living, working, attending school or church in Kennebec County, can join our credit union. This extends to immediate family members. In February, 2007, as well, NCUA approved KV to include Somerset County in our Charter.

Our credit union remains a family in process.
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